Thermostatic bimetal steam traps type BF25/BF27

with integrated sight glasses

Application and function

The thermostatic bimetal steam trapsare generally used to drain

unregulated heating processes withhigh performance.

The bending of the bimetal changesby temperature differences.

Thus the valve is opened and closed.

The sight glasses allow a quickvisual function control and consequently

an exact adjustment of the operatingpoint.

These steam traps are manufacturedin DIN length 150/160 mm and they are a low cost combination of steam trap andsight glass.

Connected with the external adjusting device (BF27)a setting for a special operation is possible, e.g. continuous steam flow orincreased piling up.

Technical basic equipment

  • Steam traps with bimetal columns forincreased flow-rate
  • With strainer, sight glasses and externaladjusting device (BF27)
  • Very good drainage and exhaustcharacteristics in the entire
    working area
  • Resistant against water shocks andsuperheated steam
  • High expectancy and reliability
  • Ideal observation possibility throughinstallation of the sight glasses directly on the controller.

Available (optional) versions

  • flanged ends (flanges DIN 2635)
    (DN15, DN20 L=150mm and DN25 L=160mm) type BF...
  • screwed ends G1/2, G3/4
    (L=100mm) type BI...
  • welding end DIN3239-D type BS...


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